Make Death Wait?

The motto of to entice people to donate money to hold Death at bay. This appeal commercial portrays Death as a predator preying on your mothers, fathers, in short your family members, your loved ones. So, people, open your wallets and be generous, How farly facetious can one go? The predators are among the LIVING, those who cannot wait for their elderly to kick the bucket soon enough. Those who decide whose plug to pull, whose feeding tube to yank out and whom to morphine to oblivion. Death will wait, and it doesn’t have to wait long. The living will do the job for it.

Thoughts on the Season

National Writing Month is behind us. After this “adventure” of squeezing so many words per day, while at work 5 days a week, while at home dealing with variables of duties to household, to dogs–50,000 words in 30 days. Yes, it was achieved but the adventure is not over, the story not yet told fully. I am still working towards writing “The End” to this adventure, but not as driven of course as in Nanowrimo month. Maybe taking a week off for Christmas will give me time to finish, maybe, hopefully, but there is ENGELINKYN: THE WINGED HEMISPHERE yet to see the light of publishing day. Hopefully, soon.

2010 Hong Kong Trip

Site and Unsite, the Sightly and Unsightly

The Sightly:

Here I am again, checking out my site.  It  is still there, and there, and everywhere, and wonderful and amazing, and a springboard to other worlds in the deep space of  imagination.

The Unsightly:

While in the dysfunctional hypothetical domestic situation, there is drunkennes and drug addiction and verbal abuse, and abuses of all kinds that you can imagine, upon which I train my hypothetical flame thrower and turn these fiends into ashes.