Make Death Wait?

The motto of to entice people to donate money to hold Death at bay. This appeal commercial portrays Death as a predator preying on your mothers, fathers, in short your family members, your loved ones. So, people, open your wallets and be generous, How farly facetious can one go? The predators are among the LIVING, those who cannot wait for their elderly to kick the bucket soon enough. Those who decide whose plug to pull, whose feeding tube to yank out and whom to morphine to oblivion. Death will wait, and it doesn’t have to wait long. The living will do the job for it.

Today is January 11

What is so special about today? Well, for instance, this is the date when I, like so many other, am being reminded that I came into this world. As a kid, I was chafing for this day to come, for presents and parties. Now, today, I spent about an hour in a dentist’s chair. Why I chose this day to undergo the torment of teeth cleaning is lost in the fog of fading memory. Maybe just an excuse to get a half day off work to plunge into that other world, worlds of conflict and drama and lots more exciting things. And I am chafing for the proof of ENGELINKYN: THE WINGED HEMISPHERE to come. But wait, party we shall! In August, SF World Convention in Chicago. In 2012? “It is the end of the world, but we feel fine.”