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Taellus of Tarunan

Taellus of Tarunan

In this sequel to GLANS OF TARUNAN, seven years have passed. Under the leadership of Professor Sara Westorys, her nephew Yurin and Jorg Benedict, a new community is thriving in what was once an abandoned envo-sphere. Located in remote Martian badlands it offers a haven for entrepreneurs, settlers and Martian secessionists who want to escape the repression of Government. Little do they know that an insidious power is at work in the secretive Sanctara of SupraStat. The sudden attack on the Taellus caught everyone off guard, even Yurin. Faced with terrible choices, he has no alternative than to pursue the abductors of his pregnant wife Cereen into the very core of the Sanctara regime and battle an enemy that hovers on the borderline of reality and illusion.

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