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Engelinkyn: The Winged Hemisphere - Volume 1

When a stranger arrives in the Village of Goldfall, not only does he bring merchandise to the delight of the villagers but he brings with him a purpose to claim...

Engelinkyn: The Jewels of Huemancy - Volume 2

Acknowledged as a true Savant of the Dou'A and accepted as the scion of the Noble House of Argent, Erlvar travels to the Southern Realm of Rnador of the Thousand Meres to achieve...

Engelinkyn: The Towered Hemisphere - Volume 3

Hailed as the new Suzerain Margrave of the Carminasse Erlvar now wears the golden medaillon of the Argent House that his brother, Ganivar, bestowed on him, but it is a ruling...

Resonance: Available now at Create Space

When the Blaze of Heavens descended upon earth and humanity, it was a blessing to those who would live above the Rim, a curse to those living beneath and something else to some. It fell on a scholar to unravel the truth, hidden in past history, that would prove to be a matter of survival or extinction.

Serial Novel - Blue Star, Glory Far

Online Serial Novel - Blue Star, Glory Far by Shirley Ouw


by Shirley Ouw

Online Short Story


Glans of Tarunan

Glans of Tarunan

Somewhere in deep space a nebula opens a mouth like the mouth of a dark cave but it is a space rift and the rift leads to a star system and a breathtaking planet, known to its indigenous inhabitants as Orae. The Westorys Rift, so the Rift is named, after the man who discovered it and invented the technology to cross it.

Taellus of Tarunan

Taellus of Tarunan

In this sequel to GLANS OF TARUNAN, seven years have passed. Under the leadership of Professor Sara Westorys, her nephew Yurin and Jorg Benedict, a new community is thriving in what was once an abandoned envo-sphere.

Fire of Tarunan

Fire of Tarunan

Nineteen years have passed since the birth of Yurins younger son, √Črovir. In the prevailing atmosphere of political rapport between the Domain of Mars and the Federacy of Earth after years of the Undeclared War, a probe is received from Orae with a message, a desperate cry for help.

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